The products are focused on specific events in the livestock production cycle. Generating improvements in the production parameters at these specific events will have a significant beneficial effect on the production parameters of the whole production cycle.

In pig production these significant events are farrowing, weaning, insemination and times of stress such as changes in feed or housing. Targeting these specific events will have a major impact on the overall profitability of a pig production system.
Products to supplement the essential fatty acids in sow and boars feed influence the number of piglets born and weaned, the size and viability of the piglets at birth and at weaning. The extension of the productive life of both sows and boars impacts profitability and return on investment.
Products targeted at these specific events represent a relatively small investment when measured against the potential profit that can be gained throughout the entire production cycle.


Pet Foods

Agronomics Trading Limited has close relationships with major producers of equipment used in pet food manufacturing, giving the opportunity to develop a range of additives and ingredients that enhance the appearance and acceptability of pet foods.
Products include an extensive range of colours, palatants and speciality ingredients such as salmon, shrimp, krill and other protein sources. Agronomics also offers a range of chicken and fish based treats for the retail market.



Aquaculture is a rapidly growing sector and has excellent prospects for future growth to meet the increasing demand for food.
This offers both challenges and opportunities in the development of additives and innovative processes that add value to fish feeds, provide greater sustainability of raw material supply and adding value to feed and production systems.
New and innovative techniques for the production of high value products such as fresh shrimps that can be grown in environmentally controlled facilities.
These sophisticated techniques mean the facilities can be located near to major population centres allowing fresh produce to be delivered directly to the consumers that, in turn, generates elevated profits and an extremely high return on investment.